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After reading this you’ll understand that each person in this planet have his or her dream. One of my dreams was to become a video producer so I grew up watching movies and always wondering how they create movies. In 2009 I registered to study computer literacy i.e. (Secretarial and administration and Bookkeeping course) at Scientific Business and Bureau in Piet Retief also called Mkhondo nowadays. It started when I was watching the movie called final destination when I discovered that they use lot of material to make a movie looks real and I myself can be a movie director one day. I was very good in class always completing the class works before and help the lot of my classmates at the same time our lecturers Thobile Mavimbela, Nkosinathi Magagula and Cassim Chigundu were always impressive about my perfomance, I was able to do many things that I never learned with the computer such as using a computer without mouse, creating video using built-in laptop camera. 

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